We are delighted to announce that Specialist Mortgages has been approached to join a select panel of firms who will have access to an exclusive bespoke lending service from a major UK mortgage lender. This will allow us to source mortgage terms for clients who do not fit standard lending criteria by utilizing the services of our new allocated bespoke underwriters.

Could You Be the Perfect Fit for our Bespoke Service?

This exclusive service is for residential mortgage clients only and it will allow Specialist Mortgages to assist those who are perhaps having trouble purchasing a property or remortgaging their existing property due to the structure of their income, retirement age or even employment background.

Our new partnership will allow us to assess your situation personally and as long as you have good credit and meet the lender’s standard property criteria then you could be eligible for the bespoke underwriting service. Additionally, the maximum borrowing that is permitted under this new service is 90% loan to value (LTV).

One Size Does Not Fit All

Over the years we have assisted clients with highly unique individual situations and in our experience, one size does not fit all when it comes to standard mortgage criteria. If the following applies to you then we may be able to assist:

  • Your income is generated from various sources
  • You are nearing retirement
  • Self-employed income needs assessing from full accounts
  • Recently switched to self-employed withinsameoccupation.

Additionally, situations that can be considered by this new bespoke lending arm may include:

  • A residential mortgage to age 90 for self-employed clients. (Typically, the max age is 70).
  • 100% of latest bonus/commission payment included for affordability. (Normally, only 50% of a 2-year average would be considered).
  • 1 year’s trading history considered (often a 3-year history is required by many lenders).
  • Interest only to age 90 up to 60% LTV, 80% part & part (where the typical max would be to age 70 with 50% interest only, 75% part & part).

A Common Sense Approach to Lending

Specialist Mortgages always aims to offer a personable service but the same cannot always be said for a number of mainstream mortgage lenders. By using this new service your application is examined by a bespoke underwriter and reviewed on a case by case basis meaning that you are treated as an individual, not just another applicant subject to standard mortgage criteria.

To us, this is just common-sense lending and we are looking forward to working with clients who will be able to benefit from this development. We will be rolling out more information on our new bespoke lending arm over the coming weeks so be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for all the latest news.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your own residential mortgage then give us a ring on 0345 873 1234 or email info@specialistmortgages.uk.com

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